Download our verified executive data

For your internal use, you can download in your system the freshest executive and company details that we have collected and verified. The data can be used to feed your CRM and your data intelligence and be shared with all your colleagues.

When we modify an executive detail, your data synchronize through our API. Technically, our data are delivered on your secured FTP on a weekly basis. Each executive has a unique identifier making it very easy for you to synchronize.

The data fields we provide for each executive within each company are executive name, business title, department, reporting level.

The data fields we provide for each company are company name, country of registration, subsidiaries if any, the mother company if any, phone number, corporate web site making it easy to match with your own data.

The annual cost starts at $9,990. It provides weekly updates during 12 months. It includes up to 10,000 companies and 100,000 decision-makers.

Summary: For less than $1 per company per year, the best verified information of corporate decision-makers can be shared by your 10, 100, 1,000 colleagues. For more details and for any specific needs, please contact us at